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Start-in Bodrum award winner

Notrino Research and IBM

During the  Start-in Bodrum event October 11-13th 2019,  Notrino Research won the IBM Design Thinking Award.

Last week we interviewed Çağın Polat, founder and CTO of Notrino and Yusuf  Eser, Public, Healthcare & Life Sciences Solution Sales from IBM on the progress of their cooperation.

After Çağın left Start-in Bodrum last year, Notrino and IBM  had several meetings with the IBM Design team in the IBM client centre in Istanbul. One of the main goals of these meetings was to see how their product CurAlive could benefit from IBM’s knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, Cloud resources and Healthcare Industry knowledge.

In the near future, the CurAlive team will attend a Design Thinking workshop in IBM’s head office in Istanbul with the IBM Client Centre team to define CurAlive future strategy.

Notrino Research is about to finish CurAlive, a cardiology product that will enter pilot applications at Başkent University. During the discussions with academicians in Akdeniz University, Notrino Research has taken positive steps to conduct pilot applications with Akdeniz University at the same time.

Notrino Research states that CurAlive will be stronger with the new version that will be used in pilot applications, and the product with 6-channel ECG and 2-channel PPG measurement feature can now detect pacemaker signals too.

We are looking forward to share more updates from the CurAlive and IBM team.

Notrino Research


Notrino Research, which is located in Turkey’s pioneer technology center ODTÜ Teknokent, serves its customers with artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare, energy, automotive, telecommunication and banking sectors in the era of artificial intelligence.

CurAlive mobile ECG patient monitoring system powered by artificial intelligence, and CallSense, a customized performance management system for customer relations. It also strengthens its position in the sector day by day due to its customized artificial intelligence and industrial digitalization solutions.

IBM Client Centre



Thousands of forward-thinking businesses are engaging with the IBM Client Center Istanbul in Turkey each year learning how their business can stay competitive by embracing the latest technologies in Cloud Computing, IBM Watson, Security and of course much more.

In addition to the business meetings on site, the IBM Client Center Istanbul being part of an extended network of IBM Client Centers offers many digital offerings on the web, social media and the IBM Virtual Client Center to enhance the experience and always, with your business mind.


3 Days of design thinking approach/process, observe, and most importantly reflect to achieve goals together.

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