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Kemal Kaplan

Kemal KAPLAN is a graduate of Akdeniz University Electronics Department. He worked as an expert in Sony, Netaş, Pimaş and Yapı Kredi Bank; He served as an executive at Esbank, Etibank, ZB and HSBC. He took part in many projects related to restructuring, merger of financial institutions, call center, credit cards, ATM and banking application / technologies and health application / technologies. He has studies on mobile technologies, wearable technologies and R & D projects and shares his experiences in health technologies with the sector at many conferences. Kaplan is a technology consultant for some public institutions on behalf of Acıbadem Health Group. He is also the founder of Life Sciences and Information Technologies Association. The A-Store product developed with the R & D team has received many awards in international and national fields.

At the same time, he manages the Technical Services (Electrical, Mechanical, Maintenance, Repair, Energy Management, Environmental Management, OHS, Renovation). Having restructured its Technical Services department in 2010, Kaplan is responsible for the management of the technical services of 30 locations within the Holding. The chairmanship of the Disaster Management Committee is also carried out on behalf of the Technical Services.

He is Member of the Board of Directors at Acibadem Technology and is the executive director of Acibadem Healthcare Group responsible for technology management.


Industry Trends /
Next Generation

Bilal El Sabbagh

Bilal El Sabbagh
Industry Leader

Bilal El Sabbagh, IBM MEA Healthcare Industry Leader has 22 years of industry experience in healthcare, defense, technology, media, financial services, and fast moving consumer goods. Provided strategic IT leadership positions for the last 14 years and have proven track record in leading large IT programs delivery, complex business transformations, cross boundaries services delivery, new products development and technology innovation.

Engage and enroll
quality prospects

BillKenny SI Headshot

Bill Kenney
Founder of MEET

Bill Kenney is a founder, convener, and connector. He has founded 7 companies.
His current venture, MEET ( helps international B2B growth companies soft land and scale quickly in the U.S. through trade shows and in-person events.

MEET builds and executes strategy that creates a consistent and efficient flow of quality prospects for its clients. In the community, Bill mentors ventures globally. Bill engages audiences frequently with a relatable, actionable, and proven message that is changing business around the world.
He speaks on a variety of topics, including entrepreneurship, networking, revenue generation, and community building.

He is on the board of directors of Start Champions Network (formerly Startup America Partners) and leads several community building efforts in his home state, Connecticut, USA. He is an avid sailor, cyclist, and paddleboarder.



Gorkem Bayındır

Görkem is a marketer with a strong scientific background. Gorkem’s educational background includes a BSc. in Pharmacy and MSc. in Bioorganic Chemistry from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey.

After getting her masters degree, she started her own business by managing a pharmacy. 4 years of pharmacy management taught her that the part she loved most about having a pharmacy is establishing the brand and marketing part. So she end up her business and  worked as a marketing professional for Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals and Nestle.

Before devoting her work fulltime to consulting, Görkem served as Director of  Marketing and Business Development at Acıbadem Healthcare Group. Her responsibilities included managing Product Management, Digital Marketing, CRM and Sales teams.

In addition to being a consultant, Görkem is passionate about writing & acting. She has written a healthcare column for Star Newspaper. She performed in a few TV series.

Görkem is married to the love of her life and mom of 2,5 years old lovely twin girls.

what not to do


David Henzel
CEO of TaskDrive

David Henzel is a serial entrepreneur who has been bootstrapping and selling businesses for over 20 years. After selling MaxCDN he moved from Los Angeles to Bodrum. He is currently the CEO of TaskDrive.

Healthcare in
a development


Erdi Huizenga
Medical Officer
City Garden Clinic Sierra Leone

Erdi is born and raised in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Already at a young age she developed the dream of becoming a doctor to serve people in areas where there are just few doctors.

Erdi went Medicine at the Free University in Amsterdam. After finishing her medicine study she worked at the cardiac surgery department of the university Hospital of the Free University, before starting her training for tropical doctor. In the Netherlands, the training for tropical doctor is unique and consist of gaining practical skills at a surgical department and at a obstetric/gynecology department in a Dutch Hospital followed by a theoretical course at the KIT (Royal Tropical Institute).

As qualified tropical doctor Erdi worked on behalf of Coraid in Mua Mission Hospital in Malawi for 3 years. There she was running a 130-bed hospital together with a Malawian management team.

In 2012 February she started in Yele to set up Lion heart Medical Center in Yele, Sierra Leone. Starting with 5 employees and a small out patient clinic only, it grew into a 70-bed general hospital with adult medical and surgical care, pediatric care, a maternity and an isolation/long stay ward. During the Ebola, the hospital was hit and Erdi and her colleague were evacuated, but she soon returned to continue to fight Ebola and render medical care in the midst of this terrible outbreak.

In October 2017 Erdi transferred to City Garden Clinic, in Makeni, with the aim to improve the running of this hospital.

With her love for people, medicine and improvisation she has gained quite a lot of experience in providing health care in low resource settings, but also in managing health care in low resource settings.

How to read
and present
Healthcare data

Ahmet Cizmeli

Ahmet Cizmeli
Chief Science

Ahmet Çizmeli is one of the co-founders of PranaGEO.
Currently developing R/D software products and providing solutions for data science and business analytics.

PranaGEO also offers consultancy and educational services in the areas of geospatial research and data science. Ahmet has academical research and field experience in environmental remote sensing, ocean color remote sensing, in-water bio-optical and radiometric measurements, radiative transfer modeling, spatial statistics, Open Source GIS tools and networked spatial data management.



Mehmet G. Hizarci,
Chief Strategy
at Istanbul
Medipol University

Mehmet Hizarci has developed a multidisciplinary career mainly in healthcare business taking senior leadership positions at international level. Dr. Hizarci completed his medical education at the University of Ankara Medical School which included medical studies in the United States. After graduation, he practiced medicine mainly in ultrasound diagnosis in the field of radiology. Until joining to Philips Healthcare as the Managing Director of Turkey, Dr. Hizarci took leadership positions in multinational corporations such as Baxter International. In the last five years, Dr. Hizarci has been concentrating on Value Based Healthcare (VBHC) and Innovation. He is working on the development and implementation of outcome measures at international level using big data analytics and AI. In 2018, after six years of strategic leadership at the Medipol Healthcare and Education Group in Turkey, Dr. Hizarci is focusing on and leading innovation VBHC projects. Dr. Hizarci is a member of American Telemedicine Association, Harvard Business School, Koc University and University of Ankara Alumni Organizations, American College of Healthcare

Healthcare Futurist

Cenk 3

Cenk Tezcan,

Cenk Tezcan is co-founder of B-Wise that is interested in process of founding the Collective Wisdom Platform that unites experts and boutique service providers to corporations seeking growth with wisdom economy build aspiration.

Being a medical doctor with a MBA, Dr. Tezcan has over 25 years of experience in healthcare field. He took part in almost 30 turn-key healthcare projects all around the world. Medical equipment planning and hospital design are his expertise.

He worked at Intel Corp. as Healthcare BDM. He got involved in many HIT and digital health projects and mHealth. He managed the first mHealth pilot project on behalf of SGK (Social Security Assc. Of Turkey) in 2014-2015.

He is a key-note speaker on mHealth, Health (supported) tourism, Future of Healthcare, Wellness, Wellbeing and Futurism.

He works with start-ups focused on healthcare and give mentorship support for product optimization and commercelization.

At B-Wise (; working on corporate wellness as a co-founder. ‘B-Engaged’ Wellness & Happiness platform for employees is his main interest. Also ‘Strategic Future Design’ for companies & Institutions is one of his professions.

He lectures at METU, Bilgi and Medipol Universities on “Wellness”, “Medical Informatics” and “Future Studies”. He directed a TV program named “Future Vision” in 2012 for TRT. He is the author of the book “A Visionary Approach to Healthcare; mHealth” that is published by TUSIAD (Turkish Employers’ Assc.) in March 2016.

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